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    Enroll all your Patients & Employee in the Rewards Program and start Rewarding them now! Join Now See How it Works
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    90% of Business have benefitted by participating in a Rewards Program…..be one of them! Join Now See How it Works
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How it Works

You can select one of the three membership types, Silver, Gold or Platinum. You can start with our basic membership type "Silver" and update anytime depending on need. Once you are a member enjoy the benefits of enrolling Patients and Employee in our program and start rewarding them


As a participating member of the Patient rewards program, you will be able to enroll all of your Patients and Employee in the Rewards Program. You can manage how to reward your Patients as well as Employee.


You can start rewarding now. Patients can earn points for Referrals, paying off balance, for not missing appointments etc. and Employee can ear points for high production, employee of the month etc. Patients and Employee can use these points to purchase items that your office will set up such as A free Dinner for two or an electronic toothbrush etc

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